NCIDQ Practicum Prep
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Prac 2.0:  CIDQ's New Computerized Practicum Exam
As in the past, CIDQ updates the exam both in content and format in response to the Practice
Analysis they conduct every 5 years. In October of 2017, CIDQ introduces the newest format of
the practicum,
PRAC 2.0.

Here is a brief outline of what we know:
  •    PRAC 2.0 has been developed so that the content areas being tested are very similar to
    the soon to be retired paper and pencil exam.
  •     CIDQ will now be using a computer based interactive, testing platform for PRAC 2.0.
    Since this format is for testing and not design, no prior design software experience is
  •     PRAC 2.0 will consist of three case studies, a large commercial, a small commercial,
    and a residential. All questions refer to these case studies.
  •      Four question types are being used; Hot Spot, Drag and Place, Fill in the Blank, and
    Multiple Choice. Each question is worth one point.
  •     Case studies include a project scenario, universal codes, a plan and other resources
    that might be needed to answer a question correctly.
  •      There is a PRAC 2.0 Exam Blueprint available on the CIDQ website. All tasks and
    knowledge areas are evenly distributed to all Case Studies. We highly recommend you
    printing your own copy for reference.
  •      In addition to the PRAC 2.0 Blueprint, practice exams that mirror the testing
    environment are available for candidates to familiarize themselves with the new testing
  •       Download the new PRAC 2.0 codes.
  • PRAC 2.0 will be 4 hours long, it will consist of 120 questions, and will be offered at the
    same locations as IDFX & IDPX.

QPrep: Where we stand right now
Our workshops have been, up until now, based on the paper and pencil practicum. CIDQ has
published enough information about Prac 2.0 to give us a clue about the new format but not
nearly enough for us to redesign our workshops at this time.
We ask for your patience while we go through this growing process. Please visit our website often
for updates.
Thank you,
Donna, Phyllis and Cheryl